Aristotle About Platonic Ideas

Plato should be asked why the ideas are not in place, since place is that which participates.Aristotle physics IV, 2, 209, b; 33 Tags: Aristotle, plato

Aristotle vs. Heidegger

A LITTLE NOTEContrary to the Heideggerian natization of Aristotle, the phronesis is the good sense of man qua citizen, who is living by the word of the politice, the good sense of the political. Tags: Aristotle, Heidegger

Hegel’s Plato is Aristotelian

Plato’s Thetic Parathesis.Aristotle’s Anti-thetic Parathesis. Still, Plato concurred with the Pythagoreans, that the One is the substance (as opposed to a predicate of something else). Also, he agreed with them that the [ideal] Numbers are the causes of other things’ reality. But to pose an indefinite Dyad as a constituent element of ideal Ideas or …

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