Aristotle’s Pleasure Beyond Temperance

Pleaure beyond the virtue of temperance (qua the continuing concretisation of the mean theory otherwise pronounced in outlines only / or temperance qua the living of nothing too much or / or temperance qua the maintenance of the human qua character) – *beyond* -everything [less but also] more is a failing of morality – the praxis of the mean as a golden rule, is aesthetic, hence – Plato – philosophy is the highest music. beauty has being; hence standard & not about the no of commercialism as commercial to art as ugliness, which does not participate in beauty as well, this more earthy attempt at Immediatemediate expression of the immediate re the on high Mediation- Aristophanes (Ruskin) on the modern landscape: speaking ingeniously about the clouds- but enough to the no, to the story of no aesthetics starting with Kant‘s failure & cultivating with the nonsense of Adorno, etc,., which is more about the sociology of art, hence the expert’s incapacity to enjoy anything unless he is a silly asshole, celebrated as the artist of the arts to be enjoyed by his name’s followers, hence school before praxis and the meditation of the power struggle to speak to the “there is” of the academic world vis a vis the world as if not speaking to is already to sing.

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