Tolstoy’s Diaries: Netanyahu &\- (to) the other Israel

Netanyahu &\- (to) the other Israel:

“…the other way out is barred by the fact that governments have already come to know how far to tolerate the participation of people who want to reform them. They only tolerate what doesn’t destroy the essentials, and are very sensitive about what is harmful to them, sensitive because it concerns their very existence. They do tolerate people who don’t agree with them and want to reform the government, not only in order to satisfy the demands of these people, but also for their own sakes, for the sake of the government. These people would be dangerous for governments if they remained outside these governments and rose up against them; they would strengthen the one weapon which is stronger than governments – public opinion – and so they need to make these people safe, win them over by means of concessions made by the government, render them harmless like microbe cultures – and then use them to serve the aims of governments, i.e. the oppression and exploitation of the people.”

Excerpt From: R. F. Christian. “Tolstoy’s Diaries, Volume 2.”

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